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Jewellery Images    Exclusively designed for the jewellery Showrooms and Shops, it combines with technological expertise and the industry tested experience and domain knowledge of Manabh Software of last couple of Years in Jewellery Business.
bullet_orange High Lights
  • • Purity Profit Centre
  • • Highly Secured Data Base and Users authentication.
  • • Separate Loose and Tagging Concept
  • • Location wise Stock Maintenance
  • • Multi Company
  • • Query Builder
  • • HR Management
  • • Less and Dust Option
  • • Item and Invoice Prefix Masters
  • • Net working for multi functionality
  • • Gold Saving Scheme
  • • New Order
  • • Repairing
  • • Setting per Transaction
Manabh Desktop Jewellery ERP Version 1.0
This product has massive features like

Simple and User friendly...

Fastest ever... Require time to start the file and login is maximum 2 seconds. Now product is superbly design w.r.t. designing angles. Every module given in a separate format so that it is easy for user to find the exact form and menus. We assure that this product will help you to reduce your routine operation by 50% and create smooth working flow for daily operations. User can maintain multiple companies and user wise records. Special reports are given to find out deleted and modified transactions.

Human Resource Management...

Manabh Jewellery Desktop ERP provides a complete solution to the management of an organization's human resources. Processes such a Employee Records, Employee Assets, Management of Employee skills, Management Reporting and Core HR Administration are structured in detail in this module. Now customer can maintain his employee’s muster, Target sheet and performance on daily basis

Financial Accounting Management...

Manabh Jewellery Desktop ERP provides a strategic insight into the financial status of core business processes. Manabh given the set process defines and works with multiple financial dimensions to track profit, cost centres, or any other parameters from any reporting unit. This eases the flow of financial information including analysis of actual results like Balance sheets trading account item type wise.

Stock Management...

Purity Profit Centre...Manabh now provided different purity option so that User come to know the exact profit from the Purity difference. User can change purity anytime throughout transaction. User can maintain records location wise and front and back office wise. Can keep multiple Location wise stock maintenance, This is useful when customer is using stock for front end and back end basis. User can maintain stock in carat wise method. Manabh provided all Reporting Patterns in this format only. Given Multiple master so that user can modify software as per his requirement. added less and tut concept for karagir and repairing purpose. In tagged Item Less concept is very important. User wise setting given like Less on Gross or Net or directly add to URD

Business Intelligence...

Gold Saving Scheme... From Manabh User started making Gold Saving Schemes on different formats like earlier GSS is only for money, but Manabh set standard and given scheme on Making, Wastage percentage. Manabh provided facilities.

New Order...

Given Outstanding feature in New order like you can allocate single order two Karagir. Day difference report is best ever to know the inventory management.


Easily transfer Repair material to Karagir and tut and less concept setting as per user need. Users can adjustments like deduct it from Item or add to URD.

Report Builder...

For the Support purpose if customer do not find any report comfortable then Support engineer can directly add report create report from views and add it in Main Menu Bar Provided more than 80 multiples reports on Ledgers, registers and Stocks and Accounts.

We assure that this product will help you to reduce your routine operation by 50% and create smooth working flow for daily operations.

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