Money Lending


Money Lending ERP System

We think Manabh Money Lending Software used specially for Registered Money Lenders is now the best equipped product in its catagory. This software is designed considering each and every requirement of Money Lenders. It covers like Voucher Payment, Pavati, Voucher Receipt, Customer registration, Stock Management like items taken from customers as mortgage; again auction facility for the item is also available. It has unique Finger Print and Image Identification storage facility for customers, Its interest calculation method gives facility to apply interest on Monthly / Annual basis and the awesome reporting part includes Capital Ledger, Cash Book, Form 12, Print Receipt/Pavati in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Kannad or any other language.


  • Facilty for Make Payment and Take Receipt.
  • Submit to Supplier Option with Sub Customer wise.
  • Interest Calculation from the date of pavati or manual facility.
  • Can keep number of items w.r.t pavati.
  • All Forms from the Money lending Act 1947 Act Like Form no 6 . 7. 11. 12 .
  • Sale of Item option available.
  • Multiple pavati receive option.
  • Setting for Interest calculation i.e. Minimum days interest, first interval or second interval.
  • Loan letter fees,Yearly charges fees, other fees option.
  • Khatavati report.
  • Capital Register.
  • Cash Register.
  • Profit report customer wise.
  • Master pavati Reports.
  • Compound interest calculation.
  • Customer wise Pavati Number.
  • Account Information –Store All Account Information like Customer, Supplier, Karagir, Salesman, Asset, liability, Income and Expense Account.
  • Item Master – Store number of Item Details with images
  • (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification.
  • Barcode Facility for Inventory Management.
  • Different Stock Report By (Brand Name, Item Type, Category, Section, Shelf, Opening and Closing In Rs. ).
  • Item Ledger -Details Transaction of Item By (Name, Item Type, Account Name, In/Out)
  • Account Transaction – Voucher payment, Voucher Receipt, Journal Entry, Bank deposit, Bank withdraw.
  • Account Reports – Account display, Book Display, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Trading and PL Account.
  • Day Book Report – Report for all transactions in graphical format.
  • Credit Limit Locking.
  • Rate Graph – Graph for daily rate analysis.
  • SMS Sending – Send SMS for Birthday, Pending Balance or customize messages.
  • Deleted Modified data History.
  • Tally Transfer.
  • Marathi Bill Printing
  • Image Viewer
  • Software Setting such as Theme Setting, Backup facility, Printer Setting
  • Images of Items and customer on Bill.
  • Password Setting to Create, Modify/Delete, Display Record, Financial Year closing and End password.