Document Management System

The paper-based file storage system is slow, cumbersome and error-prone. Furthermore, it dose not support the policies of its organization for efficient service delivery or the vision of the organization to be customer-oriented, word-class company.

01. You can't locate the documents you need right now

02. You're not maximizing employee time and manpower

03. You are running out of storage space

04. The security of your business is at risk

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System Benefits

Why DMS?

Key Features

• Immediate retrival of any type of document using keywords searches or date range parameters.
• Retrive documents with a web based user interface from desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
• Access by venders when needed for maintenance or when handling urgent outages.
• Remote access to to records and documents when on the road, at home, or away from the office.
• Fast responce to legal compliance tasks, where staff need quick access to all documents to audits, legal discovery, life safety or other legal matters.
• Document control to ensure access to autorized personnely only.
• Security logging to track who views which documents and when.
• SDL is a management of digital documents used to track, MAnage and store Documents. This user friendly web system allows you to create a knowlwdge bank which is easy to use and secure while encouraging collaboration within the organization.

Features of DMS

• Store and retrive files.
• Store all types of Documents.
• User permission and access.
• Control and manage user privileges with usage noifications.
• Check in Check out functionalities.
• Document security.
• Customization as per clients requirements.

DMS Components

SDL services for sorting and managing hard-copy documents, files in line with your won methodology and system offers security and peace of mind knowing that your vital information is held safely and can be accessed whenever you need it.


• Enhance corporate transparency and governance.
• Reduce costs associated with manual document.
• Promote sharing of knowledge and information.
• Improve staff productivity.