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Who we are?

Manabh Software is a Software Development company based in Pune (India). The company provides software products for various industries. We are specialized in providing software products to Krushi Seva Kendra (Agro Trader), Jewellery Store Management, Moneylending (Morgage) Business , Medical Retail Store, Pathology Management, among others. We are having 3000 client base in Indian market. Manabh is technology-driven company, committed to delivering value to customers. We achieve our goals through innovation and by consistently improving efficiency. Company giving priority to Customers and their satisfaction and then employees then managers and then shareholders.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to empower all kinds of trade businesses with effective and efficient solutions that help them - Measure, Manage and increase Profits.

Our Mission is to :
Assure on Software Quality
Assure on Product delivery & Professional Services
Assure on 24x7 support response

Why we are different?

We are agile in adopting new technologies and business practices to continuously improve on the value we deliver to our customers
We are open and transparent to work with a spirit of collaboration with customers and partners
We are easy to do business with
Our products and solutions are simple and intuitive to use

What we can do for you?

Manabh offers business management software for:
Krushi Seva Kendra (Agro Trader)
Jewellery Store Management
Moneylending (Morgage) Business
Medical Retail Store
Pathology Management

Achievements and Awards

Today Manabh is serving 3000+ Businesses in India and around the world which is its Achievement and helping these businesses succeed in their respective fields is it’s only Award.

Expertise Technologies

Manabh works on latest technologies like Application Development:

Web Application Development:

Note: Above Titles and Trademarks are Registered Trademarks of respective Companies in India or in Other Countries.

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